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New Zealand trade mark registration by Canopus

Protect your exclusive business brand by registered trade mark over your product name, company logo or service title.

Retaining exclusive use of your own business logo, name or identifier can be difficult and expensive if not covered by registered trade mark. Similarly, failure to protect your business identifier by registering a trade mark can result in expensive and prolonged legal action if you are found to be infringing another similar registered trade mark.

Canopus specialises in registering trade marks in New Zealand at very affordable cost, giving your business the protection it needs. Discuss your requirements with us free of charge.

Our unique three stage trade mark registration process aims at delivering your registered trade mark at very affordable cost or otherwise identifying difficultes before significant fees are incurred.

Key advantages of working with Canopus:

  • Canopus provides personal attention and advice to determine correct description of your trade mark to satisfy both your own and the Registrar's requirements
  • Not just a hit and miss online submission service leaving you to do all the work and then pay for the mistakes
  • Very cost effective for straightforward trademark registration.
  • Reduced cost for multiple filings.
  • Staged process identifies likely problems before high fees incurred.

INITIAL SEARCH of Trade Mark Database for obvious conflicts - FREE

SEARCH AND REPORT: Search of Trade Marks Database, NZ Companies Office register of companies and domain names register for potential conflicts plus advice as to whether desired trade mark is registrable, NZ$160 + GST per trade mark per class. (NZ$180 for non-New Zealand applicants)

TRADE MARK APPLICATION: Filing of a trade mark application with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, NZ$550+GST per single trade mark in one class only. Additional work required to meet additional conditions, such as may be required to overcome objections, will incur additional charges on an hourly basis. Discounts available for multiple filings or filing of a single trade mark in multiple classes.

NON-NEW ZEALAND APPLICANTS:  Cost to register a trade mark in New Zealand is NZ$620.00 for a single application in one class only. Additional work required to meet additional conditions, such as may be required to overcome objections, will incur additional charges on an hourly basis.

TRADE MARK RENEWALS: Renewal of a New Zealand trade mark for the standard 10 year term, NZ$470 + GST (NZ$540 for non-New Zealand applicants).

For more details contact Canopus:

New Zealand company formations by Canopus

Gain maximum taxation and operational benefits by operating your business as a limited liability company. For fast, efficient service, ask Canopus to incorporate your company now.

Canopus is a registered user of the New Zealand Companies Office Online Registration System, allowing us to incorporate new companies at very low cost and with a minimum of delay.


Company formations: Basic price for incorporating a New Zealand owned company with up to 4 shareholders and/or directors is NZ$240.00 plus GST. This includes name reservation, document filing and provision of required company registers. Additional costs incurred for registration of larger companies will be subject to quotation before work commences.

New Zealand company law provides for the incorporation of limited liability companies with just a single director/ shareholder, making a New Zealand limited liability company a particularly useful vehicle for conducting business both within New Zealand and throughout the world.

Contact Canopus:

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